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created by dog lovers for dog lovers

How does it work?

Enter a postcode or the app can use your location to find dog friendly things near you. Search a range of pooch friendly businesses as well as fenced parks, off and on lead parks, and dog beaches. 

Be notified about all pet events coming to Perth before they’re over!

Is your business dog friendly?

Join the dog friendly community and get your business on the list!

If you’re a business owner you can create an account and attract pooches and their owners to your business. Simply select one of our options below.

We will provide you with a tax receipt so you can claim your subscription at the end of the financial year – it counts as advertising after all! 

dog friendly packages
dog friendly events
Custom council packages

We have special rates and services for councils, if you are a council member and want to get your dog friendly reserves on our list then please get in contact with us

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